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Sunday, July 21, 2013

North America, South America, Africa and Nepal

North and South America
North America and South America are two big continents located in the western hemisphere while Nepal is country located entirely in the eastern hemisphere. Due to its vast longitudinal difference, the day and night in these two places are exactly the opposite i.e. when it is day in America or Brazil, it is night in Nepal. Besides the longitudinal difference, their cultures, traditions, religion and the state of development is very different from Nepal. The high mountain ranges like the Rockies in North America and the Andes in South America are similar to the Himalayas of Nepal. As a matter of fact, all these mountain ranges are young fold mountains and originated at the same time.

North America, especially the USA and Canada, has a very good diplomatic relationship with Nepal. Besides, the USA and Canada are countries with immense opportunities. A large numbers of Nepali youths go there in pursue of better education or for further studies.Some of the students are also granted scholarships. Nepal can benefit a lot by availing good opportunities to the highly qualified Nepali manpower in the country. Nepal can also benefit economically and technically for its development with the help in the form of grants and aids provided by these countries. 

Nepal does not have a very close relationship with South America. Most of the countries of South America are less developed like Nepal. During the Falkland War between Britain and Argentina, The name of Nepal was much in highlight because the British Gorkha soldiers were deployed in the war. The British Gorkha soldiers earned name and fame for their bravery in the war. There is no doubt that the relationship between Nepal and South America will increase and develop in the near future.

The continent of Africa is very close to Asia in comparison to North and South America. But despite its closeness to Asia, Africa is different from Nepal in many respects. Nepal is not so familiar in the continent of Africa. But, it has good relationship with Egypt, one of the most developed countries of Africa. It has been learnt that, at present, some people from Nepal have settled down in Africa doing trade and business. Like Africa, Nepal too is rich in natural beauty. Nepal can learn a lot from the national parks established in Kenya and Tanzania regarding the management of national parks and development of tourism. Nepali peace keeping force has been deployed to many countries of Africa to settle down their internal conflicts and maintain peace in the continent.


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