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Saturday, July 13, 2013

David's Fall

David's Fall
Patale Chhango or Niagara Hell, has accumulated many names over the years. Located near the airport in Pokhara, this attraction has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nepal. Also known as Devi Falls, David Falls, Niagara Falls and Devin Devis, the name can take different forms, but the view remains the same. It is an area that is known for its beauty and tranquility, and the legend of the Falls of the Devi gives a touch of mystery and adventure to this sight.One versions speak of a walker or hiker who went by the name of David Devin, Devi or Davis. The unfortunate hiker was dragged through the water suddenly and leads down into the underground passages and caves that are below the waterfall. The other tells the story of a woman Davi, a Swiss tourist in Nepal, which was swimming in the lake Fewa. The dam unexpectedly began to overflow and watched helplessly Davi husband while his wife swept waters of the waterfall. This version was performed in 1961 and Mrs. Davi body was never found. 

The water that feeds the falls comes from Fewa Devi (Phewa) Lake, which follows a sequence of rocks running time down the waterfall and disappear. This may sound incredible, but the steps are executed on the floor with the hole below the waterfall. The best time to see this spectacular view is during the monsoon season, when there is high rainfall and summer season. During these periods, water flows and rushes over rocks and through the gorges, giving visitors an impressive spectacle. The landscape and nature surrounding the Devi Falls is as spectacular as the waterfall and visitors will find many photo opportunities in this view. Visitors to the region of Pokhara is recommended to take a trip to Patale Chhango heard the legend of the Falls and enjoy a quiet afternoon near the foaming water.


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