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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tourism in Africa

Big Cats in Africa Jungle
Africa, the second largest continent, with its diverse geography has a very good prospect for tourism. It is very rich in natural beauty and wildlife. The Savannah grassland of Africa is known as the "Zoo of the World" for its large varieties of wildlife. Many national parks have been established in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Kenya alone has 40 national parks. This national park attracts millions of tourists every year. Thus, tourism is one of the important means of earning foreign currency for a continent like Africa. But there are some problems related to tourism in Africa. Vast areas in Africa have been converted to wildlife reserves, national parks and sanctuaries. In such places free movement and entry of people is restricted. Due to this, a large group of local people who depends on animal rearing and agriculture have lost their grazing and agricultural lands. Poaching of wild animals for its tusks, horns and skin has become a very serious problem in Africa. Many animals have become extinct or are on the verge of becoming extinct due to such illegal activities. Unorganized wildlife safaris are creating noise and air pollution in most of the reserves and parks. This is resulting in the extinction and displacement of many wildlife and birds from their natural habitat. Lack of proper and organised facilities for tourists, such as, animal viewing sites, food, water, transport and communication is also another major problem related to tourism in Africa. 


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